Shifting Sails in My Writing


Writing is a winding path without a destination. At least, for me. While we have aspirations, goals, and plans, our destinations are not exactly final. We may chart the course, but we also can shift the sails.

When I began my journey in 2012, as a 34-year-old working mom, I wanted to be traditionally published. This goal hasn’t changed, but the reality of the publishing world shifted my hopes and expectations in my stories. Self-doubt has crept in and wrecked me on more than one occasion. News on social media has backed me into a corner and laughed at me. My depression and anxiety has challenged me physically and emotionally more than ever before.

But, I never stopped reading or writing, even during my lowest moments. I learned that self-care and taking breaks is refueling and energizing. I also found a close circle of writing friends to help keep me inspired, encouraged, and hopeful through all those lows.

In 2017, I decided to shelve my young adult and middle grade stories to go in a completely different direction. I wrote a story that’s been in my head for a long time; a murder mystery about an obituaries clerk who connects her latest assignment to her mother’s cold case. This is the story that I queried and signed with Jana Hanson of the Metamorphosis Literary Agency in 2019. At this moment, I discovered how much I absolutely love writing mysteries and thrillers, which all take place in the South with college-age characters. While I was querying, I also started a thriller, which is in the final revision stage before I send it to my agent. I’m simply hooked on writing these genres and hope to get them traditionally published.

Throughout this shift in my journey, one story on my shelf beckoned me. It beckoned me from Nicole D’Arcangelo, my best friend and co-author, who would randomly send me ideas and notes for future books. It beckoned me from my CPs and beta readers, who wondered when they’ll get to read it again. It beckoned me from the piles of charts, maps, notes, and outlines in my home office, reminding me of how much heart and soul we had poured into this story and its characters.

Since 2016, we have been plotting and planning an entire young adult fantasy series called The Jadesin Journals. A few months ago, we decided to self-publish the first book of the series this year. It’s been a huge decision for both of us, each with families and full-time jobs. However, we believe in sharing our story.

Writing with another author on one story takes a unique relationship. You have to know each other – not just in writing styles and strengths, but personally and emotionally. Writing can be a solitary journey, but imagine taking that trip with another writer? Imagine not only being creative, but working on the business side, too? I’m ready for it!

My debut, A FEATHER’S FORCE, book 1 of The Jadesin Journals, will be published in October 2019. You can learn more about the story and add it to your Goodreads shelf here!

I’m looking forward to continuing my journey in becoming a hybrid author, an author who has titles published both independently and through a contract with a publishing house. If you want to get to know my co-author, Nicole, please follow her on Twitter! (She needs to tweet more, I know, I’ve told her!)

And here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come with A FEATHER’S FORCE!

Mid-late September 2019 – cover reveal, excerpt, and giveaways
Mid October 2019 – book birthday! (in print and e-book)
November 2019 – launch parties in Charlotte, NC and Northern Virginia
Summer 2020 – Book 2 release

I’m seeking book bloggers / reviewers for this book. If you’re one or know of one interested in reviewing an indie book, please leave a comment below with your website and contact info so we can connect! We’ll send you a free e-book and some swag!

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