“Nightlight has no TV, no running water, no basic necessities…but they’ve got body bags.”

SURRENDER YOUR SONS by Adam Sass drew me in with all its terror and twists. This is a horrific camp story unlike any you’ve read before. There is a deep emotional connection with the main character, Conner, and his relationship struggles with his mom. He can’t be his true self or feel safe to be himself and that reflects throughout the story. Every chapter has a terrific hook to keep turning the pages, even though many parts of it are scary and psychological as hell. I enjoyed the deception and the layers of secrets. And the last chapter rips my heart out. My favorite line is, “This camp has a boner for freezing us inside a snow globe of detestable, old-timey America.”

Author: Adam Sass
Rating: 5 | 5 stars

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About the story: Connor Major’s summer break is turning into a nightmare.
His SAT scores bombed, the old man he delivers meals to died, and when he came out to his religious zealot mother, she had him kidnapped and shipped off to a secluded island. His final destination: Nightlight Ministries, a conversion therapy camp that will be his new home until he “changes.” But Connor’s troubles are only beginning. At Nightlight, everyone has something to hide–from the campers to the “converted” staff and cagey camp director–and it quickly becomes clear that no one is safe. Connor plans to escape and bring the other kidnapped teens with him. But first, he’s exposing the camp’s horrible truths for what they are–and taking this place down.

Thank you to NetGalley, Adam Sass, and Flux Books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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