While I am an author, I am also an avid book reader. It is my hope to share books with other readers to help them decide whether it’s worth adding to their bookshelf or borrowing from the library or skipping altogether. All reviews are my personal opinion. I keep my Goodreads up to date, including what I’m currently reading.

What types of books do you read and review?

I mainly read and review thrillers, mysteries, and horror, however, I also enjoy young adult contemporary, and the occasional science fiction and fantasy. I never read in the same genre while I am drafting.

Do you accept books for reviews? CLOSED FOR REVIEW REQUESTS UNTIL SEPT. 1, 2020

Currently, I review books I select from NetGalley, however, I accept a limited number of books per year through individual requests. If I don’t have time or capacity, it will be posted here. Do not email me requests until after the date I open. Please know I select books to read and review that I am genuinely interested in and see myself enjoying. If I accept a book request, I will guarantee to provide a review in exchange. If you have a release date, I make every effort to meet your deadlines. In addition to my review, every post includes a book cover from Goodreads, a book description, and buy and website links.

Book Request Guidelines

  • I prefer e-books that I may read on my Kindle.
  • I read adult and young adult published within the last 12 months or ARC/galleys in final editions.
  • I don’t accept books that are unfinished.
  • Genres accepted: mystery, thriller, horror, contemporary, fantasy, science fiction
  • I accept books from indie authors and traditionally published authors.
  • Please allow me 3-5 days to respond to a request.
  • I may not accept all received requests.
  • All reviews are cross-posted to Goodreads, and Amazon, and this blog.
  • I do not accept any monetary compensation for my reviews and run this blog entirely without compensation, advertising revenue, or financial donations.


I write a review for every book, whether I finish the book or not. See my rating system below. None of my reviews contain spoilers and I write fair reviews. My reviews are my personal opinion, and if I don’t enjoy a book then my review will reflect that.

Star Rating System

Awesome! Given to books that I find very impressive and captivating, would highly recommend, and likely read again.

Enjoyable! Given to books that I thoroughly enjoyed reading with excellent characters and story elements. Would recommend due to several praiseworthy qualities.

Just Okay. Given to books that I’m generally satisfied with, but not overall impressed or entertained by. I may or may not recommend these books.

Mediocre. Given to books that are not unique, interesting, and/or lacked narrative depth, Not recommended.

Lousy. Given to books that I don’t finish, struggled to finish, and don’t recommended.


I can be contacted for reviews at jacy@jacysellers.com
Please include the following in your message:
1) Email subject: Review Request – (name of book)
2) 2-3 sentence pitch of the book
3) Link to the book on Goodreads
4) Date when you’d like the review posted (please allow at least 3-4 weeks from date of request)

On Goodreads, I review under the name JacySellers
You can follow me on Twitter: @JacySellers and Instagram: @JacySellers