Saturday, May 8, 2021
Imaginarium Book Festival
The National Press Club, Washington, DC



“A FEATHER’S FORCE” – book 1 of The Jadesin Journals.

Sixteen-year-old high school track star, Ember, wants to run as far and as fast as she can, away from the pain of her father’s recent death. Instead, she’s hiding out in the basement of her dad’s coffee shop—at least now no one can ask her how she’s doing for the millionth time. She finds a doorway to Espereva, a magical world from her childhood bedtime story. There, she unlocks a power that has lain dormant in her blood for years. Unfortunately, the more she learns about the world, the darker it becomes. The king captures and conducts gruesome experiments on the inhabitants in order to steal their powers. Still struggling with her grief and the secret her family has kept from her for years, Ember can barely control her new found abilities. But when one of her rebel friends is kidnapped and destined to be the king’s next victim, Ember must embrace all that she is and set aside her personal struggles to rescue her friend—because losing someone else is not an option.


“A MAVEN’S KEY” – book 2 of The Jadesin Journals.

As a member of the task force, a trainer for recently matured Affinities, and an abilities instructor for the Jadesin Guild’s youth, Marn gets pulled into multiple directions daily. It proves to be overwhelming when another young Affinity gets captured by Kobaloi during one of his trainings. Back at Jadesin, the group is preparing to move to a semi-permanent location when it is brought to the elders’ attention that Wren’s trauma from her capture is getting significantly worse. Nykolia requests Marn to help Talon and Ember escort Wren to another guild, Zarya, to see a medical specialist. When they travel to Zarya, Marn learns that some of the older villages have bunkers where other Affinities are hiding. He believes his family may have been in hiding all this time in his village. However, when one of the other villages gets raided by Kobaloi, he fears there is a spy within their circle. Marn becomes frantic over the safety of his family and brings Ronni with him to find the bunker before it is too late. Meanwhile the task force has been unable to identify a pattern at the holding site, Mervyn Manor, and more Affinities are getting captured. This is until Marn discovers clues while he is tending to Wren during her healing process. But are these tips enough for them to take over Mervyn Manor and get them one step closer to dethroning the King of Brivalon?



Twelve international authors have come together to bring you a fresh collection of Steampunk and Gaslamp Fantasy inspired tales. Our stories range from light and comedic to dark and full of drama, so fans of the genre both old and new are bound to find something they love within these pages.

Featuring: Treason in the Sky – A wartime mechanic discovers a wide-reaching conspiracy with ties to her and her forgotten past. By Jacy Sellers