Don’t be a lonely writer

I spend hours writing, editing, plotting, and revising. This pattern repeats until I’m semi-satisfied to let someone read my story. A story that involves a piece of my heart.

My regular circle of friends and family don’t understand my life as a writer. They think it’s a hobby or a part-time job I don’t get paid for. They ask the gut-wrenching questions:

  • When is your book going to be published?
  • How’s the writing?
  • When can I read it?

I never have the right answer. It’s hard to explain the writing journey.

I feel alone.

Photo by Nicolas Cool on Unsplash

I write my story in a coffee shop surrounded by people. I write at home surrounded by family or pets or friends. I have Twitter and connect with other writers, some of whom I have never met in real life. I get attention and likes and comments.

All these things combined and I still feel alone in writing.

  • You’re querying, you feel rejected.
  • You’re editing, you feel confused.
  • You’re writing, you feel empty on words.

Writing is personal to me as it probably is to you. I write what’s on my heart and in my imagination. I write to tell a story that I hope to share with others one day.

I shouldn’t have to feel alone, and sometimes it’s worth the extra step to connect deeper with other writers. This past year, I felt less alone when I did the following:

  • met other writers in person in my local area for lunch or dinner or writing sessions
  • exchanged phone numbers with CPs for texting and calls
  • joined a chat group
  • read more books
  • listened to Podcasts about writing and books
  • exchanged DMs with other writers
  • offered to read other writers’ work to give feedback
  • celebrated the success of other writers

For me, it’s nice to feel less alone when you find others going through the same or similar journey as you. It’s nice to be connected and have conversations. The writing journey has highs and lows. More lows, than highs, in my opinion.

We need to commiserate together.

Don’t let yourself be alone.



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